Score a goal? Your team is one step closer to winning.

Stop a penalty? A hero saves his team from potential defeat.

Nutmeg someone? That’s just a player making magic happen and basking in the glory of his supreme skill.

He has taken on the man in front of him and completely turned that poor would-be defender inside out, coming out on top of his one-on-one battle with the flair that captures the imagination of everyone who was lucky enough to witness your beauty.

There is something to be said for that type of play. The nutmeg, the flick, the spin or any other small moment of creativity and freedom. While the point of the sport may be a full team effort to score and keep the other team out, that is only a fraction of what makes the sport so beautiful.

Unexpected brilliance is what elevates the game from sport to art. And while we do not ever undervalue the sport and competitiveness of the game, we also value the players and moments who turn sport into something gorgeous that we will never forget.

These are the best flicks and tricks of the 2020 MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE season. This is art.